International Meeting of Climate and Social activists

26-28 July, Turin, IT


Several movements, collectives and activists have joined together to create this important space and moment of confrontation between various international groups fighting for climate social justice.

The overall aim is to unite social and climate-environmental issues and frame the fight against climate change and environmental devastation as a fight against a common threat.

We believe in collaboration between ecologist actors and social movements who engage on local, regional or international intersectional issues.
The movements who joined the Climate Social Camp’s Assembly investigate the links between climate change, environmental devastation and impacts on society and civil – workers’ rights, using different perspectives and lenses of analysis. We think that networking is fundamental to strenghten the global climate social justice movement and this is why we invite you all to come to join the Camp!

Climate Social Camp 2023

26-28 July, Turin, IT

Join the camp!

Vogliamo generare relazioni di confronto, analisi e azione che vertano su questioni urgenti legate alla vita, questioni sociali ed ecologiche nella loro dimensione materiale, politica e culturale.